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Janitorial Cleaning Service In Englewood OH

office cleaning

Time 2 Clean Services offers janitorial cleaning service and office cleaning in Englewood OH. A cleaner building has many benefits - happy staff, reduced sick days, a positive image, and a protection of your investment to just name a few. We understand all of these benefits and more and our team of highly trained professionals are here to serve you.  Our complete janitorial cleaning service includes the following:

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Emptying trash
  • Bathroom Detail – replace consumables(toilet paper, soap, paper towels, etc).
  • And Much More

We offer custom tailored cleaning services to fit every client and/or tenant's needs and budget. You strive to demonstrate the most value in your building and we completely understand just how important that is. Let Time 2 Clean Services' commercial cleaning programs that provide consistent quality cleanings that enhance your building work for you. 

Post Construction Clean Up Englewood OH

after construction clean up

There is nothing quite like a brand new or freshly renovated building. The smell of fresh paint and a brand new look is motivation for any business. There is just one or even a few problems. Construction brings in and produces a lot of dust and debris that travels everywhere. Before you can fully move in to that new space everything needs to be cleaned top to bottom. We provide post construction clean up services that solve those few problems and much more. We can help with:

  • Top to bottom dusting 
  • Detailed HEPA vacuuming
  • Wall washing
  • Bathroom Sanitizating
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • New VCT Stripping and Waxing
  • And Much more

If you've recently renovated or built a brand new building, we'd be happy to do a walk through and assessment to get your new space cleaned and ready for you to use. 

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Serving Englewood, Dayton & Surrounding Areas

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning Englewood ohio

We offer annual carpet cleaning services or we can put together a maintenance plan for your office to keep the carpet looking great year round. Regular professional cleaning will keep a cleaner work environment, and protect the investment of your carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Englewood OH

We specialize in commercial carpet cleaning in Englewood OH. Cleanliness can be the difference of a client choosing a competitor over your business. This is something we greatly understand and we have cleaning programs that will cater to your needs. We can advise and educate you on how to keep your flooring in the best shape possible along with providing the professional cleaning services to make this happen. Carpet cleaning frequencies can range from monthly cleanings to bi-annual and everything in between. Every facility has their own carpet cleaning needs to ensure that you not only wow your clientele but keep a clean and safe environment for your staff as well. We urge you to contact us and schedule an estimate and walk through of your business or facility.


  • Company Image – We understand how important the image for a business is, and we have maintenance plans that will ensure your office carpet, upholstery or tile will stay looking cleaning and fresh.
  • Reduce sick days – Carpet filters a lot the dirt, and bacteria we bring into our office environment. Regular cleaning will remove a lot of the dirt and bacteria from your office space, and improve the indoor air quality.
  • Protecting your investment – Flooring & Textiles are a large investment for any business. Carpet is replaced on average every 7-10 years, but maintaining can extend the life of carpet 50-70% longer.
  • Saving Money – Time 2 Clean Services, Inc offers discounts for higher frequent cleanings. In short you will pay less per cleaning having your carpet cleaned more often than you would if you only cleaned annually.
  • Office Upholstery – Yes we clean office upholstery as well. Whether you have office chairs or waiting room sofas we can take care of any upholstery cleaning need.
  • Did you know we can clean fabric panels/cubical fabric as well? Fabric panels get dusty, dirty and even sometimes spots and dribbles. We can clean them while they’re separated, or put together. Either way, our fast drying process will make sure they’re ready to use quickly.
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Serving Englewood, Dayton & Surrounding Areas

VCT Maintenance & Stripping and Waxing

Brand New VCT Tile

Many people don't know this but there is a very thin layer of protection that the factory puts on to protect the tile before installation. This thin layer of protector needs to be removed, the tile needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and then 3 to 4 coats of wax need to be applied to protect the VCT tile. The number of coats of wax can vary depending on the environment the VCT has been installed in, amount of traffic, the maintenance plan of the VCT, and the solid count of the wax itself. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases where this factory coat wasn't removed and wax was just applied on top. Not properly removing the factory coating and thorough rinsing the floor can lead to bad wax coverage and the wax not adhering to the tile properly. During the stripping process we're not only removing the factory coat but we're also scuffing up the surface of the tile for the wax to have a surface to properly adhere to. If you plan on installing or have recently installed new VCT, please give us a call so that we can ensure your floor is properly taken care of.

Full Stripping and Waxing

Sterling-VCT-Cleaning-7Full stripping and waxing of VCT is much like removing the factory coat from the VCT. It can be and is usually more time consuming as we have to ensure that the old wax has been completely removed. If we haven't been maintaining the floor ourselves, we may need multiple processes to removal all of the wax or coating that is on the floor. 

First we begin by sweeping or mop dusting the floor to make sure any smaller debris has been removed. Next we apply our stripping agent and use a mechanical rotary machine and special pads to suspend the wax. We also use hand tools to ensure we get the edges of the floor clean as well. We have a variety of ways to remove the suspended wax and depending on the floor, size of floor and other factors we'll choose the most economical and efficient way to remove it. After we've stripped the floor once we inspect it to make sure all of the wax has been removed. If it hasn't we will apply the wax stripping agent again and repeat the process. After the floor has been stripped me make sure that the floor has been neutralized so that it is ready for the new wax to be applied. There are times when we apply the wax that we may opt to buff between coats depending on how much shine the client wants to achieve. 

After the last coat of wax has been applied, we recommend that no one walk on the floor for 6-8 hours and to not get it wet for 24 hours so that the wax has time to completely cure.

VCT Maintenance Programs

Maintenance of your VCT floors will help the appearance you want to last longer. There are a few different ways we can help you maintain the appearance of your VCT floor. The first is with regular buffing or as we call it, spray buffing. This typically involves us using a neutral cleaner to clean the floor and then buffing the floor with a very light pad. The buffing removes light impurities in the wax and restores it shine. The second option is to use a more aggressive pad to actually remove the top coat of wax. At this point the top coat is likely damaged from dirt and debris so while we're removing the top coat, we're removing the dirt and debris and once again able to restore the shine of the VCT. We will apply a thin coat of wax to replace the coat that we removed to help the floor have maximum protection.




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